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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  May 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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negative advertisements. and i will do the same. this should be a race about the issues, and not all of this mudslinging. we have to take the negative advertisements down and have the other groups go home. we have to make this campaign about arkansas. and the people of arkansas, and who we are and what we believe in. they have spent millions of dollars and this campaign has turned into something that is not arkansas. this is not who we were brought up to be, and we have to go back to what it means to be and are cans and. . and what it means to be an arkansan.
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>> i am too. i have heard your voices for change and i agree, washington isn't working, but i believe i'm a part of the solution to what's not working. i have not been a part of the problem. i will continue to fight. my job is to listen to you. i have one vote in the united states senate. i treat it as if it were your vote. you elected me to be your
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voice. i tried do that. it is safe to say that the d.c. unions are unhappy with me because i don't agree with them all of the time. together, we can get this economy moving again. we know how. it takes hard work and honnest decision making. that's what this is about i'm mayor for you [applause] as the first arc yan to ever
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chair that committee, i'm committed to make that your pipeline for jobs. working together, we can do that. all we need tonight is to move forward. tonight is a celebration of all the thing that's we love and cherish in our great state of eark. it's out outdoor way of life, our faith, our small town and family tonight, we celebrate it and the next three weeks, we are going to fight for it.
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it's good, solid eark values before i leave the stage and come out there and hug all your necks, i want to say a few
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special thanks i could not be here tonight if it was not for my wonderful husband. he is my rock. and these two very fine men standing next to me who you have watched grow up, reese and bennett lincoln. they know how much i love them. i'm so grateful for all they do. i want to say a special thanks to my mom. president clinton thinks i'm related to 2/3 of the state. he may be right.
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i want to saw a special thanks to our come pain state. they have done an unbelievable job. they have been great. if i could, i would name each one by name. they have fought uphill battles and been out there with a kind of enthusiasm and a zoir to really make things work in our great state. i see some that have been with me since 1991 and others since around the corner everyone has given 150%. in the next three weeks, we are going to give 200%
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>> i want to say a special thanks to our senate staff. they work so hard. thank you for the incredible job they do working day in and day out. i want to thank them wholeheartedly from the bottom of my heart i want to say a special thanks to our regional headquarters. phone bankingnd getting out and
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mommies for blank night and the whole works. that's what this year is about. people believe americans are frustrated. they are. we can show the rest of this nation and the rest of the world that we don't give up. we come together. we come together to solve our problems and make our world a better place. eark is going to lead the way. we are going do it together. thank you all of you. thank you. [applause] go get them. three weeks.
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plall [applause]
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>> kentucky senator is not running for reelection. primary winners were democratic rand paul who was backed by the tea party. ♪ >> thank you. thank you. i couldn't do any of this without my best friend, my wife
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kelly. i'd like to inter reduce my boys robert and duncan who made phone calls and went door to door. my son william who put up hundreds of signs for me. for teaching me to respect the constitution and individual responsibility and raising me. i hope doing a great job of learning what is right and wrong, i want to thank my parents carol and ron paul.
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i'd like to thank my staff and all our volunteers. all the others who have helped me. it's been a marvelous ride. we have been a year into this. tonight is a great victory, i thank you all. i have a message from the tea party. we have come to take our government back. we have come to take our government back from the special interest who think the government is their own personal atm. and washington is horriblely
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broken. this movement is a possessage to washington that we are unhappy and that we want things done differently the tea party movement is huge. the mandate of our victory tonight is huge. i think america's greatness hinges on us doing something. we need to save the nation from
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the mounting debt that could lead to chayozz. we now have a president who apologizes for america's greatness. he went to copenhangen to apology for the industrial revelation. they say to stop climate change, it's about ending capitol ix. he is giving creed answer to these folks and should not go. america is a great country because of our system our
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system is capitol ix. capital ix is a system we should be proud of private property is a system we should be proud of but we should not apologize to the rest of the world for our system. [applause] in order to preserve our great nation, tough choices will have to occur. so many republicans have been elected and said we'll cut the taxes and bring you home the pork. it's coming to an end because we can't manage this debt. one of the largest items of our budget now is the interest on
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this debt. in your 70 there is a crisis. what do we say. instead of saying social ix should fail, we say let's bail them out. what lesson does that teach them if we sim my bail them out? we don't want that crisis to come to our country. there is a debt bomb out there ticking. unless we make tough decisions and say we want government that will protect your freedoms but not that gives you something for free or nothing then we can get back to what the constitution meant and what it intended in the beginning jefferson said in questions of
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power, let no more be heard in confidence of money but find him in miss chiff with the chains of constitution. it should be enough that if we obeyed it, we'd ambulance our budget every year. you have seen how untrust wornly they've become. no one defended him. we stood up and defended him. people in kentucky heard it and rallied to our cause. [applause] it's an incredibly prosperous
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sister tim teem. about two months ago, an attorney here organized a benefit for haiti. you don't see cuba having the immense wealth that we have. we have to understand it. when we had a crisis and things were tetering in the balance people blamed capitol ix. wrongly so people say to me,
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what can one man do? it's more than just me. it's you. it's a nationwide movement. when i say is watch out, here we come. people are already saying now you need to we've and dodge, you need to become a moderate. you need to distance yourself. the tea party message is not radical. what is extreme is a $2 million deficit. that's what is extreme the tea party message calls for things
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widely popular. term limits. go out and take a poll. 70-80% are for term limits forcing congress to balance the budget by law. take a pole. reading the bills. who is opposed to them reading the bills?
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foinlly, one of the things. other establishment figures will lose tonight. what is going on is that this is a movement that people don't like the arrow against. congress, we think shall pass no law they don't make applicable to themselves i'm still unclear if they ex-emented themselves or not. it goes down the line. finally, the tea party message
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says every bill should enumerate where it gets it's authority from the constitution. [applause] i am humbled by this victory tonight and by your support. i thank you for coming out tonight. let's have a party. [applause]
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[applause] [applause] >> thank you.
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thank you. thank you. it is my understanding that the eyes of our national media have descended on the eyes of kentucky tonight. i have news for them. we got more votes than rand paul tonight in the common wealth. and while the national media may be interested in this, let me say this. this race is not about me. this race sure isn't about rand
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paul. this race is about you, the people of the common wealth of kentucky. you are hurting right now. we have 11% unemployment. families are being ripped apart. parents are losing their jobs. young people are wandering whether or not they are going to able to educate themselves. there's a lot of frustration, anger and passion. i'm running in part because i am angry and frustrated. but in kentucky, we have a fundamental decision to make in this most important of u.s. senate race. are we going to use that passion to heat the building or burn it down. >> are we as a people going to be constructive with our highest ideas or are we going
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to let this passion take us to destruction. if you share with me the dream of a campaign and a future of kentucky that chowses hope over fear, i ask you tonight, go to jack con way .org. donate. kick start us. we are going to beat rand paul in the fall and take back this seat. you can see we have been specific we've put forth our program to get small banks lending to small and medium sized businesses.
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we are getting behind financial reform that says never again will we bail out wall street the way we have done recently. and you will find out that i stand for fiscal responsibility. yes, i'm a fiscally responsibly democrat. i want a government we can afford. tonight, i say this to you. i know we cannot afford rand paul. if you are a democrat, independent or republican and you care about preserving the department of education, you cannot afford rand paul because
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he wants to do away with all that if you are a democrat or republican in this country -- she's being pretty funny. hear me on this. if youer a democrat, independent or republican who cares about the civil rights act, you don't want rand paul. rand paul thinks we need to get
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away with agricultural programs. bridges hit rally and figure turley, we cannot afford rand paul. he will not build them. all of your kentucky politicians are not made alike. since becoming your attorney general. we have taken 68,000 child porn images off the internet and created a prescription task force. medicaid fraud collections are up over 60%. elder abuse cases are brought
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up. taking it to the next level. that's what i will do. don't start that music yet. i have to preach on for a minute. jo i want to stop here and thank some very, very special people. it all starts with my boughtful wife elizabeth and our daughter eva, who will be 10 months old. i want to thank my wonderful parents, my brother and sisters and their families. i want to thank my campaign manager who is hore to note pannedy and joe, our consultant.
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i want to take a moment to thank tray, you are a good and decent servant. i want to thank a special kentucky woman named chris who is a fantastic public servant. i want to thank john and jerry ab rahmson and ben chandler and craig who were there with us from the get go 14 months ago i want to thank a soon to be 86-year-old war horse. thank you for putting us over the top.
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i just got off the phone with senator ford. he said to tell you he's ready for the fall. he is sure down with 24/6. i want to thank daniel and his wife for being a worthy opponent we are ghoing to be strong we are going to rub a campaign that appeals to your hopes not your fears. we are going to say we are all in this together at the and of the day, we are all in this
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together whether a cole minor or displaced auto worker. from kentucky, i say to you, i'm running for the united states senate. i hope you'll run with me. thank you and god bless. [applause] ♪
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>> newspaper pennsylvania, democratic nominee sestaq defeated specter who had 3 defeated specter who had recently changed his party affiliation. [applause]
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>> good evening, my supporters and most of the media. i have just called congressman sestak to congratulate them and tell him it is vital to keep this seat with the democratic party and that i will support him in this election. i thank an extraordinary team both in my office and on this campaign staff. my wife joan always at my side.
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. four term city council woman. had she been the candidate, she'd be making the victory speech now. i thank our son shannan who ran a perfect campaign and i thank tracy who organized and has been in the trenches and four powerful campaigners who have traveled the state. shell by, pery, lilly and hatty.
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>> here they common quequ. they like to be introduced separately. i thank the president and vice president bide an tore his support. the governor and senator casey and an e exraordinary staff the chief of staff. i don't know why he got more [applause] than i did but he deserves it. like oscar in philadelphimedia and andy wallace a tremendous
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office operation. i thank myff. m pain workers wh did an extraordinary job really a cast of thousands behind us in the campaign it's been a great prifflenl to serve the people of pennsylvanimedia
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it's been a privilege to be in the united states senate. i'll be working very hard for the people of the common wealth in the coming months thank you all. [applause] [applause] >> you have worked for the common good.
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>> ok. you all came see alex. thank you, pennsylvania. [applause] thank you to everyone here tonight. this election is about you. it's about you and everyone in this great common wealth who
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stood up and wanted their voices heard. this is what dem crassy looks like. [applause] a win for the people over the establishment, even over washington, d.c.. i will never forget that it was the people of pennsylvania that made it happen tonight. and i will work so hard to earn their trust and their confidence. but it should come as no
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surprise to anyone that people want a change. when i went to congress just a few years ago. after 31 years in the united states navy, i found too many career politicians are a bit too concerned aboutff. eeping their jobs rather than serving the public and helping the people. in the navy, we are held accountable for their actions. we should expect no less, no less from a politician in washington, d.c. that aeopount ability has been far too long. that's why i'm running for
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united states senate. [applaus [ over the next six months, you are going to hear very different policies. there are some that want to go back to the failed policies of geo ore bush, letting wall street do whatever it wants or just saying no to progress.
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on the other hand, i think we know we are in pretty tough times. we know that we can go forward. we know we must go forward. to do c13 public servant. we need someone there that has the courage of his conviction to do what's right for the working families of penn oflvania. [applause] it's time. ipins just time for a new ãgo eneration of leadership tha we can count on to leave behind politics as usual. and to robe about working
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families of pennsylvania right here. and to on stand up to one's own party when that party doesn't get it right for us. [applause] that's what people are looking for. republicans independents and democrats. there's a lot of people i want to thank tonight, i would ask
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everyone to join me in silence for the men and women who serve our nation now i want to say something about someone truly occur age youse, arlen specter. [applause] he has devoted his entire life
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to public service. he and his lovely wife joan deserve our thanks for that. we have disagreed about a number of things. but he has done good things for pennsylvania especially in his champion of funding for the national institute of health. there are a lot of americans alive today that would nw be alive were it nw for the help of arlen specter that's a legaptr to be proud of.
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i want to thank w hers to my staff. i asked a lot of them they give t of ae] serve them anywhere.
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then to my volunteers and then to my volunteers. 5,000 strong. coming in day after day because thase care. principle. they cared. to the volunteers. >> there were others who have helped. many others dave peo s and andrewff. ennedy and neil. then i want to talk about something that's very special.
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richard, my brother. elizabeth my sister. there's only one perfect child in the world and every parent has it. and margaret, maggie. who lead this campaign and i'm eternally devoted to along with my sver sisters. i can't thank them all enough. and then to the silver fox, my
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mom. how we loved her. she taught high school math. we all tried to ar youngest one gw her. then to my father. we laid him to rest in arlington ctreeo ery this october. i tell you, right to the very enon t the greatest man i have ever met. i know without a doubt when he peteo his brand new friend up there, he said, common, put that hand on the tiller of my
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c13 drive it into that safe harbor. c13 do things. i tell them persistence, tenasity. i proposed to someone two days after i met her. about eight years later, she finally said yes. to my wife. how blessed can one be?
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even more. pety 22 trouble maker. she's young and beautiful. she hates me to say that. that's the love of my life. [applause] >> i try to steal aff. iss and never make it. i tell you, thank you, lord for her. as i end, actein to the familie of pennsylvania, how i owe you. how i want to become your public servant and do things
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out of principle, not politics. how i want to work with others across the aisle in a way that is really a princ afal comprimise. i want my daughter to look at me everyday and be prothat's. i want everyday for you, if i can earn your trust to be proud of me. [applause] >> i'll end with this story because on my door is a small sign handwritten by a then 4-year-old. now 9, going on 22. it say ea daddy, do all
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politicians talk so much? so i'll end -- ipins great going home. as i end, with my father up above, one of my fondest pettreories was 1962, going to army-navy game. downtown. remenkser a6 c13 er the assassination, they name it had after that wonderful president, john f.ff. ennedy. i saw him there that day, 1962. i remember him crossing the field from one side to the other. a very harsh rivalry between the army that thinks they are almost as good as the navy. but you know, as he went from one side to the other, i
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remember watching. what i remember more than that, was at the end, those two teams, the youth of our nation, about to where the ce] this nation came together and shook one another's hand. that's us demopjats. [applause] at the end of the day, we have come togeo her for a shared prince pell let's come
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together. lepins rtretreber our president uteeds someone down this becaus john f. kennedy didn't have it quite right when he said one man can make a difference and another man can try. it does take a ne ouber of men and women to make it right. lepins come tone aeo her and be public servant always accountable to you. thank you all very remch. [applaus [ ♪
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] calls are next on washington journal. the house is in live at- eastern. >> after a look at yesterday's primary vw ing results, more about the gulf oil spin. at 8:30 eastern, we'll talk about the economy and jmprs witm peter


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